Thursday, July 10, 2008

WebLogic Case Sensitivity

Prior to v9.0, Weblogic was case-insensitive in Windows, but starting with v9, the default is, like Apache, to be case sensitive. A web search on changing that behavior isn't very helpful, and the setting is buried a bit, so I thought I'd post the instructions on changing that setting. The first step is to run the weblogic admin console. The default URL, once that has been started, is to browse to http://servername:9999/console. You'll be prompted for the username/password that you configured when installing weblogic. Once there, click on Domain-> Security-> Advanced. There you will see a "Web App Files Case Insensitive:" setting. By default, this is set to "false". Change it to "os", click on save. Once it's been saved, the changes have to be Activated. Click on the green Activate Changes button on the left-hand side of the screen.

You'll have to reboot the admin console, as well as your standard weblogic web services, for this change to take effect.


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