Monday, November 29, 2010

AD Authentication with RHEL 6

We’ve been using AD authentication with our RHEL and CENTOS 4 and 5 systems for some time, now, so I was anxious to see what kinds of changes might have come up with RHEL6. Not much, happily, but there was one change that took a little while to figure out. We’ll run through all the steps, from beginning to end, here.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Using Error (and other multiple) Paths in SSIS

SSIS provides for multiple paths between tasks.  Very helpful stuff; here we’ll look at a simple solution to a common scenario.
Below is a job that stops a blocking service, reads from the source DB (SQL CE) file, truncates the destination table, and then copies the data from the source to destination.  Finally, it starts the service again.
What if, however, our test job fails after stopping the service?  We can provide for failure notification through SQL Agent jobs, but wouldn’t it be nice, also, to have the service start again, even after a failure?
We’ll set that up using failure paths, such that the tasks will go directly to the start service task in the event of a failure.

Creating a SSIS SQL Compact Data Source

There’s no out-of-the-box SQL Compact data source in SSIS, which presents a problem when you’re needing to copy data from a SQLCE data file.

 It turns out, though, that it’s easy to repurpose a OLEDB connection to read from a SQL Compact DB.