Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Windows Vista Look and Feel in XP

If you're interested in making your XP system look like Vista, there are a ton of resources out there. Why another one? Because I want to keep it simple. I found two resources that gave me the whiz-bang look and functionality without fiddling too much with lots of other apps. In short, I used what must be the gold standard, Vista Transformation Pack, along with TrueTransparency and the Microsoft Zune XP theme. With these three packages, I got more than I needed, and they're all free. I ended up unselecting the toolbar and start button transformations from the vista transformation pack; I don't care for the tool bar, and the Start Button just wasn't quite where I think it should be: you can't right-click on the icons, and there's just a bit missing. Still, it makes for a great user experience, without a lot of the Vista negatives.

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